How To Teach Math Without Worksheets

Three years ago as a new home school mom I had no idea I would end up with a child that would die a little inside each time she had to do a worksheet. So I had to come up with some alternatives. Here is the quick list RightStart Math Card Games Math Apps Books / Stories Household Projects Grocery […]

Using in our Homeschool

I want to share my experience with Outschool as a homeschool family. Outschool is an online platform that provides online classes for children 3-18 years old. They actually started out serving homeschoolers but soon found even public schooled children using them to supplement their schooling. I love outschool because it seems they have worked out all the kinks and is […]

How to teach finances to small children

I have always wanted to introduce finances at a young age but wasn’t sure quite how just yet. Its funny how the things we worry about or try to plan out perfectly, happen rather organically a lot of the time. Im going to share how a 8 year old and a pen full of chicken is teaching great lessons! My […]