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10 Unique Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

10 Unique Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

As one of the big benefits of homeschool is the field trips. You can take as many as you want, whatever time of day you want, where ever you want. In this post, I’m hoping to give you pathways. Since we are all in different cities of course in this post I cant tell you exact spots but I hope to give you resources to look into.

State parks

We love visiting the nearby state parks. State parks are ready-to-go adventures! With the authentic nature experience but also with predetermined trails, picnic tables, and often bathrooms and water fountains. What more could you ask for.

Visit the city

I’ll start by saying I very much dislike city life. It gives me anxiety driving through the city. I have recently looked at it in a different light though, through the eyes of a child.  

There is so much to see and learn from in the city. Just because we choose not to live that life doesn’t mean our children should not experience it. Some things we have done is Ridin the rail train, visited the underground tunnel

 If you’re in a  smaller city just walking the streets is a great experience. Learning to find the street signs, obeying the crosswalk lights, even getting a paper map so they can practice reading it. Let them take the lead, see where you end up.

Take a bus ride

A lot of homeschool kids have a fascination with school buses. Although most of us do not have access to a school bus, a ride on the city bus is a great experience! They can see how it all works, even practice how to read the bus routes.


We live about 30 minutes from a large city so we are a bit spoiled and have a whole museum district. I have noticed though that other smaller cities have smaller museums focused on more specific subjects. Do not dismiss these smaller museums. These museums can lead to great discussions and deep dives into subjects. Some that look really interesting to me that are in different cities are the Titanic Museum, Airplane Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and so many more!

Historical sites

You can almost always find historical sites whether big or small these are great learning experiences. Preparing ahead of time by reading up on the history of that site can make it that much more exciting. If you are fortunate enough to have an immersive historical site near you, you are in for a great treat!!

Tour local farms/stores

You can usually get a tour even from your local grocery store. Exploring how the bakery gets prepared for the day. How the trucks deliver goods, seeing how foods et on the shelf. If you have a farm nearby willing to give you a tour, even better!

Tour a local college

Most colleges are open to the public. You can show up on a whim and explore the libraries, the accommodations open to the public, and just get information on the college. If you plan ahead of time most colleges would love to give you a more detailed tour.

Visit a different library

The library is already a hotspot for us homeschoolers. Check out different nearby libraries. Your library card most likely works for all of the libraries in your city or county so check them out. We have cards for our city and the nearby city, there are so many libraries to explore. Librarians are awesome so each library usually has something unique about it. You may even find some new weekly events on their calendar that you like.

Sit in on a trial

Almost all trials are open to the public. We have not done this yet because my kids are still littles and would probably be pretty lost or bored. But I am so interested in doing this when they get a bit older. What a great lesson in how the whole process works. If your unsure about it or dont know where or when to go do not hesitate to call and ask any questions you may have!

Join a walk or run

There is usually some kind of benefit going on that includes a walk or run. your supporting a good cause and there is the added benefit of preparing for it in the weeks ahead also.

I hope you enjoy all of these field trip ideas and leave me a comment below if you try any of these out. As always come visit us on Instagram at lilysandleis_littlefarmhouse to check out what we are doing day to day. Thanks for coming by!