Whats Homeschooling Like?

You may not even be considering homeschooling but wondering “ Whats homeschooling like?” Everyones homeschool is vastly different, depending on age and lifestyle. Our homeschool is full of gardening, collecting chicken eggs, baking, messy projects, and lots of redirecting. This is our lifestyle and my kids are still elementary age.  Your homeschool will be what you want it to be. […]

10 Easy First Day of Homeschool Traditions

Make a special breakfast Go out for a special breakfast All about me interview First day pictures Decorate Announce them in New school supplies Field trip Start a big project Start a read aloud Make a Special Breakfast This seems like a no brainer. Its easy, you likely already have all the ingredients, and kids will get excited over a […]

How To Organize Homeschool Books

Books are a staple in most homeschool homes but it can get overwhelming and I know that by experience! The organizational method that works best for homeschool books is shelving by subject. This method is going to make it easy for your children to find certain books and utilize your home library more often and easily By Subject vs Alphabetical […]

Can I Switch Homeschool Curriculum

As we approach the first day of school something noticeably different was happening this year. Very little of my time was spent frantically researching curriculum. I have spent lots of time trying new things, switching curriculum, and asking other homeschoolers what they suggest.  It’s comforting really, to be fairly confident in what we are doing. So I wanted to share […]

How Much Does Homeschooling Cost

I heard once someone on the internet say homeschooling is for the privileged or what they really meant, for the rich. I just had to laugh and laugh… and laugh. Not to make anyone feel bad for thinking that but because as I sit here homeschooling my children, we are far from rich (like far, ask our friends lol). This […]

Homeschooling in a Small Space

Have you ever thought you can’t homeschool because you don’t have a dedicated school room? Maybe you feel you just don’t have the space? Where will the desk(s) go, or the chalkboard? Well I’m here to tell you, you don’t need all of that. I know there can be lots of obstacles when we are trying to begin to homeschool. One […]

How To Teach Math Without Worksheets

Three years ago as a new home school mom I had no idea I would end up with a child that would die a little inside each time she had to do a worksheet. So I had to come up with some alternatives. Here is the quick list RightStart Math Card Games Math Apps Books / Stories Household Projects Grocery […]

How to teach finances to small children

I have always wanted to introduce finances at a young age but wasn’t sure quite how just yet. Its funny how the things we worry about or try to plan out perfectly, happen rather organically a lot of the time. Im going to share how a 8 year old and a pen full of chicken is teaching great lessons! My […]

9 Indoor Educational Activities for Kids

Ok yall, we are in Texas and we are forecast to have a hard freeze in the next few days. We are not used to that here in south Texas and honestly Im not quite sure what qualifies as a hard freeze but that’s what the meteorologist said so I believe him. I will also be staying home and not […]