10 Easy First Day of Homeschool Traditions

10 Easy First Day of Homeschool Traditions

  1. Make a special breakfast
  2. Go out for a special breakfast
  3. All about me interview
  4. First day pictures
  5. Decorate
  6. Announce them in
  7. New school supplies
  8. Field trip
  9. Start a big project
  10. Start a read aloud

Make a Special Breakfast

This seems like a no brainer. Its easy, you likely already have all the ingredients, and kids will get excited over a pancake they have had a million times but you added a mustache to.

Celebrating over food can look any way you want. You can do anything from add sprinkled donuts or have them decorate a homemade cookie!

Go Out For Special Breakfast

This is one my family has done every year. Its easy for me since I don’t have to cook or clean on a school morning. It also adds the “leaving the house” factor to our first day.

It started because during the summer everywhere we went was packed! And so the first day of pre-k for my daughter we took her to breakfast to celebrate everyone going back to work and school. Its kind of funny but its turned into a nice easy tradition

All About Me Interview

I love this one. It creates such a great memory to look back on. Write a list of questions, keep them fairly the same each year, and watch how their answers change.

You can interview them and write the answers or you can just setup your phone to record.

First Day Pictures

You can put your own flair on your first day of school pictures as homeschoolers. Get matching pajamas, let them wear their new shoes, have a first day of school sign. Whatever you want!


I’m going to attempt this, this year and I’m so excited! Hit up the dollar store and a hallway full of balloons when they walk out their door will be such a great start to the day.

Keep it simple or go all out. Banners, party hats, whatever you like.

Announce Them In

One of the things Inreally enjoyed in public school was awards ceremonies where they would call me up and little me would stand up there my parents so proud of me, holding my award which was just a paper printed 10 minutes ago on the teachers classroom printer.

So we can recreate that! Announce them in “Let’s give a big welcome to so and so to third grade! Congratulations!” Even better if you have grandparents, cousins,a few friends or family to come and participate and be the audience.

New School Supplies

Hold that school supplies back until the first day to make it extra special and exciting. Maybe get one unique thing for each child to make it extra special. We didnt need alot of new supplies this year so I got personal pencil pouch and shoved them with school supplies I would have brought out anyways. Seems simple but I know they are going to be so excited!

Field Trip

Celebrate all the good field trip places not being so packed by heading out to one on the first day of school. I even have post here to give you some field trip ideas!

Start a long Project

A few homeschool curriculums have semester long or year long projects, the first day of school is a perfect time to put the first few touches on.

If your curriculum doesn’t have that I will be making a post with a few ideas. So keep a look out for that.

Start a Read Aloud

Starting a new read aloud is pretty exciting in itself. Picking a book to go along with a movie they have seen or just a book they have had on their list to read.

I hope you and your family’s first day of school is extra special! Let me know below your first day of homeschool traditions.

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