Best Homeschool Gift Guide 2022

Have you ever wanted to contribute to your loved ones homeschool but just dont know what will benefit them most? I put alot of thought into this and came up with a wonderful homeschool gift guide as a jumping off point.

I dont know about everyone else but most people are pretty particular and do alot of research into what homeschool things they bring in their homes, I wouldnt want to be the one to clutter up their homes with things they wont use. So this list is as much as possible consumeable or experienced based. So lets get into it.


After I say I dont want to clutter peoples homes my first suggestion is books but hear me out! For the most part homeschoolers I know have no problem with books and love to add to their home libray. Make sure you take note of the subject of books the family is interested in and you cant go wrong.

Also its a good idea to take note on whether that particular family prefers physical books or ebooks and buy accordingly. Since books should be based on interest and the suggestions below are just sources to go explore the different options.

DK Smithsonian Books

This is a reference book series that comes in every subject you can think of and has the most beautiful illustrations, dont let the “reference book” part fool you, these books are amazing!

Usborne books

Despite most people thinking of book partys when they thing of Usborne I have to admit they do have some pretty amazing books. These books can cater to preschooers all the way up to highschoolers, like with the periodic table books. So, you do have to be a little careful and choose a book directed toward the correct age group your wanting.

Science Box Subscriptions

The science boxes are basically science projects with everything needed included. Each box will focus on a science concept and base the project off of that with a bit of teaching material included. Companies like have boxes for kids anywhere from 0 to 12+.

It is good to note you also have the option of getting a one time box or signing up for a subscription.

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are a gift that spans a whole year and is also usually a great value for what you get or give in this situation. Here a few subscription suggetions:

  • NatGeo
  • Highlights
  • The Week Junior


Memberships are such an asset to homeschool families! They are gifts that continue to give and can surely make our lives a little more convenient. Dont get bogged down in trying to think of “educational” type of subscriptions, most all will work. Memberships to things like:

  • Museums (of any kind)
  • Trampoline Park
  • Local Recreation Center
  • Zoo
  • Apps
  • Audible

Gift Card

The good ‘ol gift card. Either you love giving gift cards because they are easy or you hate it because they seem impersonal. I think getting a card to a specific store can show you put thought into this gift but lso allow them to customize their gift. Here are 4 ideas on places to get their gift card:

  • Art Supply Store
  • Outschool (link is for a $20 credit)
  • Barnes & Noble
  • School Supply Store

One Time Class

Alot of homeschoolers love exposure to new things. You might be the one to strike up a new passion and wouldnt that be the ultimate gift! If you have a unique activity nearby take advantage of it. It could be anything from a painting class to an indoor skydiving class!

Online classes work as well. Sites like and offer thousands of classes to pick from. You can een get a $20 credit here for a good starteClasses like intro to a new instrument or a woodworking class. Dont forget to include the supplies for the class if possible.


There are so many theme prompt journals to choose from! These journals encourage composition, handwriting, and reading. But overall they are fun and some can promote connection between family members. a few that would be a great fit are:

  • Mom and Me Journal
  • Big Life Journal
  • One Question a Day Journal

Thanks for coming by and I hope you got some good ideas from this list. Ill be making more gift guides tailored for homeschool teachers and more so keep a look out for those.