Stay on Track in Your Homeschool Day

Set Priorities  There are lots of ways to have a  successful day and have an organized homeschool day. You have to decide what works best for your family ahead of time. Is your goal to do every subject every day? Or is it important to you to finish the whole lesson before moving on to something else. Or maybe your […]

Whats Homeschooling Like?

You may not even be considering homeschooling but wondering “ Whats homeschooling like?” Everyones homeschool is vastly different, depending on age and lifestyle. Our homeschool is full of gardening, collecting chicken eggs, baking, messy projects, and lots of redirecting. This is our lifestyle and my kids are still elementary age.  Your homeschool will be what you want it to be. […]

Summer Homeschool Plans – Working Mom Edition

I am a working homeschool mom now, without the homeschool part. Our homeschool took a crazy turn this last school year. It ended in my children being enrolled in public school for the last two months of the school year. I know! I am as surprised as you are. I still have the homeschool momma heart though, and some things […]

Can I Temporarily Homeschool

Legality In short since it is legal to homeschool in all 50 states and public school must legally be available for everyone yes, you can temporarily homeschool. Be aware though you are basically at the mercy of your district when it comes to whether your homeschooling time “counts”. What grade your child will be going back makes a big difference […]

How Can I Afford to Stay Home and Homeschool

A big apprehension when people are thinking of homescooling is  “how can I afford to homeschool?” I assume the concern is not only buying the supplies but most people will assume they cant work.  A saying my husband and I like to say is “choose your hard”. Life is not easy, there are always road bumps with every choice you […]

How to Start Homeschooling in Texas

If you are thinking about homeschooling and you live in Texas then your in the right state. Homeschool laws are set by each state so the rules are going to apply to the whole state of Texas. Lets break down what you need to do to get started. Homeschool Laws In 1994 a homeschool law was passed giving us homeschoolers […]

Leaving Michael Clay Thompson – For Now

As you can see from the title I am sharing some thoughtsand our real life experienced using the Michael Cay Thompson Language Arts Curriculum. I will also share why we are choosing not to use it this year. I wont structure this post like most of my curriculum reviews because its really not a review. Im sharing our experience and […]

Best Homeschool Gift Guide 2022

Have you ever wanted to contribute to your loved ones homeschool but just dont know what will benefit them most? I put alot of thought into this and came up with a wonderful homeschool gift guide as a jumping off point. I dont know about everyone else but most people are pretty particular and do alot of research into what […]

10 Easy First Day of Homeschool Traditions

Make a special breakfast Go out for a special breakfast All about me interview First day pictures Decorate Announce them in New school supplies Field trip Start a big project Start a read aloud Make a Special Breakfast This seems like a no brainer. Its easy, you likely already have all the ingredients, and kids will get excited over a […]

How To Organize Homeschool Books

Books are a staple in most homeschool homes but it can get overwhelming and I know that by experience! The organizational method that works best for homeschool books is shelving by subject. This method is going to make it easy for your children to find certain books and utilize your home library more often and easily By Subject vs Alphabetical […]