Can I Temporarily Homeschool

Can I Temporarily Homeschool


In short since it is legal to homeschool in all 50 states and public school must legally be available for everyone yes, you can temporarily homeschool. Be aware though you are basically at the mercy of your district when it comes to whether your homeschooling time “counts”. What grade your child will be going back makes a big difference too. Safest bet is to talk too and keep in contact with your potential school`s principal.

As said above temporarily homeschooling is completely legal. There are some things to take into account that I’ll talk about below. Your biggest concern is going to make the transitions as seemless as possible.

Grade Matters

The higher the grade the more difficult its going to be. Your child will need to keep up or follow along in order to seamlessly enter back into public school. The first milestone is when your state starts yearly testing. Here in Texas thats going to be third grade. Anything under third grade is going to be the easiest to go in or out of public school. The material being taught is going to be easier. As long as your child knows the very basics of that grade level then no testing is needed but the school is allowed to test simply for informational purposes. Your school will likely put your child in the appropriate grade according to their age, unless of course your child needs extreme remediation.

In most grades after that your school will likely test your child when they come back in just as they have tested all the other kids in their grade level. Again you are at the mercy of the district and principal as to where they see fit to put your child. So its best to be in contact with them before you even pull your child out to temporarily homeschool so you know their policy and procedures on this.

High school is likely going to be the last chance to go back into public school without getting behind in grade level. Most likely homeschool highschool credits will not be accepted by your public school. Testing can still be done but credits are going to play a big factor in where your student will be placed. So if your going to put your child back into school, ninth grade is a good time to do this.

Stay on Grade level

Since you know your child will be going back to public school your going to want to keep them on a similiar learning track as your public school. One way to do this is to check your schools scope and sequence, learning goals and/or state standards for the year so you can make sure you hit all those points.

These should be available to you for free online. You can easily google your state standards. You can also ask the school for a scope and sequence or whatever they have available and they should point you in the right direction.

One last option which some people dont prefer but if your homeschool is temporary it can be the easiest option is online school. Some districts offer onine public school that follows everything being taught in the school you just do it at home.There are sometimes free options and some you have to pay for. This option doesnt provide much flexibility but works well for these circumstances.

I hope I have thoroughy answered your question and be sure to check out this next post on how to get started homeschooling. You can also check out what we are doing daily over on our Instagram. Thanks for stopping by.