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Teaching My Kindergartner How to Read

Teaching My Kindergartner How to Read

So you’re doing what seems like the most terrifying thing on earth, That will decide if your child will fail or succeed in life? Teaching a kindergartener how to read. 

library aisle full of books waiting to be read

Ok so that is a little dramatic but that’s what it felt like when I had the task of teaching my oldest child to read. It was dramatic,  stressful, and scary. Let me tell you though none of those things sped up her reading progress. So the title should be “Teaching my kindergartners how to read.” I’m on daughter number two. This time around it’s not so scary. Simply because I know it will be ok and it will happen. Pretty much like everything else in parenting (poor first kids). So here are my tips:

•Have realistic expectations

•Know your child’s learning style and your teaching style 


•Choose a guide/curriculum 

•Read aloud to them (model reading)

•Allow them to reread stories.

Have realistic expectations

My child is 5 to 6 years old. Say that out loud. It’s going to take time. By the time kinder is OVER they will probably be able to read 3 letter words and know a handful of sight words. Anything more is a bonus.

Know your child’s learning style and your teaching style

Both of these matter! I used a curriculum once and it was like my brain was melting! Do you like flexible or do you like flashcards? A perk of homeschooling is that you get to choose!


Lets keep this one sweet and to the point. NO ONE LEARNS WHEN THEY ARE CRYING. I mean, it’s true.

Choose a guide/ curriculum

I highly suggest a guide. There are so many that teach in different ways. I started with alpha Phonics which is very basic and landed on All About Reading for the win there are also great resources on the teachers pay teachers site and a ton more. If i had to do it again I would start with AAR or any Orton Gillingham curriculum. Alot of kids need this approach anyway and you don’t find out until half the year is over and you’re frustrated.

Read Aloud to them

This one is going to help in more ways than one. It helps them hear words that they will encounter while reading which will make them easier to read. It expands their vocabulary, I could go on forever.

Allow them to reread stories

I found this to be great! It’s basically flashcards without the flashcards. Seeing the same words over and over. It also builds their confidence to keep going, which is vital!

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