Top 5 Favorite Homeschool Workbooks

Ill start by saying we use very few workbooks. My kids just have a lot of trouble with worksheets and it’s hard for them to get a lot out of them. With that being said I’m picky in what we do use. So the workbooks below do add immense value to our homeschool, enough to make them work for us.

Complete Curriculum by Harcourt

This series goes all the way up to 6th grade and it is always my #1 suggestion for new homeschoolers. These are the best all in one workbook I have seen thus far. It has all subjects and it hits tons of important concepts. The best part is it has just the right amount of practice worksheets for each subject. Other all in ones are greatly lacking in this department. I mean 10 pages for each subject is not going to cut it. These are great placeholders to ensure your child is continually learning while you figure out what full curriculum you want to use. It is also a perfect fit to continue using all year coupled with more explicit instruction. You can find these on Amazon at the link above or most book stores like Barnes & Noble.

Explode the code

The whole Explode The Code collection is amazing! It is a Phonics mastery series and it does just that. Although it is not Orton Gillingham since it is not multisensory I would still put this high on my list of essentials. We use this for extra practice to help concrete phonics concepts for our dyslexic child. The can be done solo which is a major plus for Homeschool moms with multiple students. You could even choose to use this exclusively nd add in your own multi sensory activities. These can be found on Amazon at the link above or

Explode the Code, Book 3 (2nd Edition; Homeschool Edition)  -

Handwriting Without Tears or Draw Write Now

I put 2 suggestions for handwriting, one suits the younger crowd better and the other is better for a tad more experienced children.Handwriting without tears is an amazing program with explicit instructions. They use methods that help the children remember better how to form the letters and is a great pick for even struggling writers.

Draw Write Now is almost the opposite. It very basic as in it has you copy passages its a great fit for kids who need to just practice neatness. I used this for my older child who was a sloppy writer and just needed plin practice. She had a handful of letters she needed to work on forming correctly but HWT was just too basic for her. She did Draw Write Now and I focused on the correct formation of one letter a week.

Handwriting without tears can be found at and both can be found at : Learning Without Tears - Letters and Numbers for Me Student  Workbook, Current Edition - Handwriting Without Tears Series - Kindergarten  Writing Book - Capital Letters, Numbers - For School or Home Use : Office  Products
Draw Write Now, Book 8: Animals of the World, Dry Land Animals (Draw-Write- Now): Marie Hablitzel, Kim Stitzer: 9780963930781: Books

Kumon Math

Kumon Math is a great fit for math lovers or those who excel in math. It is the straight practice of problems. It pushes your child to solve problems that maybe they thought they couldn’t. They are great books for children looking for more. Kumon workbooks can be found at bookstores and at Amazon at the link above.

Thanks for coming by and I hope these suggestions were helpful. Come hang out with us over on Instagram to see what we are doing daily. Cya there.