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Using in our Homeschool

Using in our Homeschool

I want to share my experience with Outschool as a homeschool family. Outschool is an online platform that provides online classes for children 3-18 years old. They actually started out serving homeschoolers but soon found even public schooled children using them to supplement their schooling. I love outschool because it seems they have worked out all the kinks and is a well oiled machine. The teachers and classes have to be approved and meet certain criteria which seems to have led to very entertaining, informative classes. My children have taken classes from a few different subjects including art, science, spanish, and ballet.

Class Length

The teachers are always excellent at keeping their attention despite being on a screen and they always come back having learned something new. Their classes are the perfect length. For my kindergartner all of the classes have been anywhere from 20-35 minutes which is perfect for that age range. My second graders can handle a little longer and most classes in her age range run about 45 minutes. Some classes for older kids run 60 minutes but that’s the most I have seen. Depending on the class some of the teachers will extend the class with optional “homework” which pretty nice.

These classes can be a one time class or an ongoing class which I have really come to love for my children. Getting to see the same kids each class and knowing what to look forward next class while being able to opt out whenever we need.

Class Pricing

The pricing for each class range from $9 – $18. The classes we have taken have averaged to about $12 each. These are very reasonable prices considering the quality of the classes. You can also request different class times if you don’t find anything that works for you. Or request a class if you cant find anything to meet your criteria, which I doubt will happen because they have everything!

I think the best thing about Outschool is that everyone wants to be there. Most of these kids are following their passions by taking these classes and you can tell. It a beautiful thing. You can get $20 off to try it out using my link , give it a try.

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