How Long Does it Take to Homeschool

In short, not long. And definitely not as long as it would take if they were in public school. So let us not torture them with that expectation. I actually timed it today and real-life numbers were 45 minutes for my kindergartner and 1 1/2 hours for my 2nd grader. Now, these are subjects we have to tackle individually so […]

9 Indoor Educational Activities for Kids

Ok yall, we are in Texas and we are forecast to have a hard freeze in the next few days. We are not used to that here in south Texas and honestly Im not quite sure what qualifies as a hard freeze but that’s what the meteorologist said so I believe him. I will also be staying home and not […]

Teaching My Kindergartner How to Read

So you’re doing what seems like the most terrifying thing on earth, That will decide if your child will fail or succeed in life? Teaching a kindergartener how to read.  Ok so that is a little dramatic but that’s what it felt like when I had the task of teaching my oldest child to read. It was dramatic,  stressful, and […]